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Dunfermline District Radio Car Club is one of the oldest radio control car clubs in Scotland. We have raced various forms of electric radio control cars both indoors and outdoors for almost 50 years, with the club history being traced back into the early 70's.

We have different forms of racing within the club. We currently race 1/12th and 1/10th scale electric cars indoors, as well as 1/10th scale cars outdoors. We meet regularly on a Sunday afternoon at our permanent outdoor track near Cardenden to race. We have a track area of 50x30 meters, pits for approx 150 people, toilets and car parking. 

We are OPEN for the public to come along and see the facility, we will have racing on all day between 10am and 5pm.

We have a COVID safe environment, please maintain social distancing, and use the sanitizer available at the venue.




To view the racing, please use the following url


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All our racing is automatically computer controlled using BBK software and My Laps Timing equipment, very similar to full size racing as they also use MyLaps transponders. After arriving at the hall and you are set up, the first task is to build the track, different tracks are used every week.

When the track is complete everyone books in to race, that way we know who is racing which type of car. The computer then creates races for everyone depending on ability, and controls the order of racing throughout the night. The PA system we use is connected to the laptop and information is automatically announced. We also have a number of laptops in the hall where race information and results are posted. 

Anyone with a WiFi  enabled device can join the wireless network in the hall (as well as outdoors) and get the same results as they happen, in fact they are updated as every lap occurs. The results screen is very similar to the data sent to the F1 teams, with the same colours used to show improvements. We also try and broadcast our results to the internet live when we have the chance.


We have various club championships for senior and junior drivers throughout the year, which allows everyone to take part in a structured and well organised race meeting each week. Everyone is welcome no matter what ability, we all started slowly, and by taking part each week you get better. Information on the various types of cars we race are available from the top of these web pages.

As this is basically motorsport in miniature, we require public liability insurance, this is sourced via our parent body the British Radio Car Association (BRCA).  Please note the cover is not personal accident insurance, if you feel you need this you should investigate further.


As well as our main club night where we race on the circuit indoors over the winter, we also organise Sunday afternoon meeting during the summer on our outdoor track. More details are available from the links at the top of this page.

If racing radio control cars interests you, please feel free to come along to the club, you will be made very welcome, we are always looking for new members.


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Club Committee

The club has an executive committee that oversees all the sections of the club. We also have a section for the indoor racing and  for the outdoor racing, each section organises their relevant racing. Contact details for each committee position are available on our "Contact Us" page.


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